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Registration Only/Ownership in Doubt allows people to register vehicles or vessels in their name for 3 years when they are unable to provide satisfactory evidence of ownership or releases of interest.
A registered owner may sell the vehicle or vessel at any time during the 3-year period with a notarized Bill of Sale or notarized Release of Interest form, no title will be issued for the remainder of the 3 years



To apply for Registration Only
You will need to have:

  • VIN/HIN number in order to use Public Disclosure to acquire the last known registered owner name and address.

  • A bill of sale and any other prior bills of sale that may be involved prior to you purchasing the vehicle (if available).

  • Send a certified letter to the last known owner requesting a notarized release of interest, including the Lost Title/Release of Interest form.

(if you receive a returned non-delivered letter (leave unopened), or have lack of return contact after 15 days, you will proceed to schedule a WSP Inspection appointment)  

Once you have had the WSP inspection bring in all of your documents to register your vehicle. At registration, regular transfer fees apply in addition to sales tax and a $65 WSP inspection fee.

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